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From: Richard Stover (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 16:51:55 EDT

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    I bought one of the SIIG Cyberparallel Dual port cards. I couldn't
    get interrupts to work even though the box implies it
    supports interrupts. Since it's a PCI card emulating an ISA bus
    parallel port it does not do DMA either. That makes it a worthless
    interface for my projects.

    When I tried to get some info from SIIG they told me they don't
    give out information about what the card can or can't do or how
    it works. That's the last SIIG product I'm likely to purchase.

    If you have one of these cards and you only need interrupts, one thing
    you might try is checking the PCI configuration space Interrupt Pin
    value. If its 0 then no interrupts will be generated. You could try
    writing a 1 to this location:
        struct pci_dev *pci_dev = NULL;
        pci_dev = pci_find_device(vendor_id,device_id,pcidev);
    This enables _INTA on the PCI bus.
    Also, what's the value of PCI_INTERRUPT_LINE? That contains the mapping
    between PCI bus interrupts and the interrupt number generated by the
    motherboard interrupt controller. Do this in your device driver to read
    the value:
        unsigned char bval;

    I haven't tried any of this on my SIIG card since, as far as I can
    tell, no PCI card that emulates the standard parallel port can do DMA
    (which I require for my application).
    The standard parallel port relies on the DMA controller
    on the motherboard with its address and byte count registers. But PCI
    cards use a different DMA mechanism, and each PCI card incorporates
    its own address and byte count registers. So a PCI card that emulates
    the standard parallel port won't have these registers and so can't
    do DMA. A parallel port card wouldn't have to emulate the standard
    parallel port in this respect, but then you'd need some documentation
    on that custom design.



    daniel sheltraw wrote:
    > Hello Parport Listees
    > Does anyone know where I can get a datasheet for the SIIG CyberParallel port
    > PCI card (SIIG part# JJ-P00112)?
    > Do interrupts work on the SIIG? They advertise that they do.
    > Thanks again,
    > Daniel

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