[PARPORT] help with parport

From: user on p350linux (user@localhost.localdomain)
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 22:23:00 EDT

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    please your help fro 3 months iam studying linux rh61 now for a week rh71
    and i cannot print thru the parport.
    read a lot.sources, asked newsgroups , irc chat, mailing list etc.
    I am sure inthe last days my problem is about thekernel not detecting how to work with printer port
    I have p350, zx/bx chipset, sb- ct4170 -caught the irq7 during the rh71 upgrade
    also usr sporster isa 33.6 put to work 2 days ago in nonPNP mode.refused to identify in PNP
    So please instruct me how to print if re compile is needed Istarted to read on thenet where young indian guy describes in 27 steps customizing the kernel
    thks and regards ,Tony

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