Re: [PARPORT] Printing Speed

From: dejay (
Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 00:15:19 EDT

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    i have an epson stylus color 860, comparable to your 980, but connected to a
    red hat linux 6.2 box via parallel port. that printserver is running lpd,
    samba, and papd (appletalk printserver). i've never experienced unreasonable
    delays like you describe from normal use.

    the only "reasonable" delays i've experienced are caused by burning a CD while
    printing or transferring several large files to the machine while printing.
    afterall, it's only a 486 with a 10Mbps ethernet card to begin with -- of
    *course* those things will impede performance. ;)

    if you can dedicate a low-end machine with a parallel port as your
    printserver, you'll be much happier. otherwise, using a parallel cable
    between your primary machine and the printer sounds like it would be a better
    option that what you currently have with the USB port. HTH.

     - dejay.
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    On Wed, 25 Jul 2001 wrote:

    > Hello,
    > I am currently using an Epson Stylus 980 printer connected through my USB.
    > This printer is VERY fast when used in Windows but it is painstakenly slow
    > when I print anything through Linux. I can literally make a pot of coffee
    > before 1 page finishes! I have RedHat 7.1
    > Is this the norm with printers in Linux? Would I gain speed if I attached
    > the printer via a parallel port instead of the USB?
    > Any information you may have about this would be helpful.
    > Thanks,
    > -eric

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