[PARPORT] [PATCH] parport_cs.c: use slab.h, not malloc.h (fwd)

From: Philip Blundell (philb@gnu.org)
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 16:16:31 EDT

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    This seems okay to me, but what do I know.


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    Subject: [PATCH] parport_cs.c: use slab.h, not malloc.h
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    diff -ur linux-2.4.7-ac3/drivers/parport/parport_cs.c linux-2.4.7-ac3.acme/drivers/parport/parport_cs.c
    --- linux-2.4.7-ac3/drivers/parport/parport_cs.c Sun Jul 29 21:58:10 2001
    +++ linux-2.4.7-ac3.acme/drivers/parport/parport_cs.c Sun Jul 29 23:23:08 2001
    @@ -41,7 +41,7 @@
     #include <linux/init.h>
     #include <linux/sched.h>
     #include <linux/ptrace.h>
    -#include <linux/malloc.h>
    +#include <linux/slab.h>
     #include <linux/string.h>
     #include <linux/timer.h>
     #include <linux/ioport.h>

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