RE: [PARPORT] Can parport be accessed without a device driver ?

From: Nguyen Thai (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 10:31:49 EDT

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    I'm new here and just started working with parallel ports. I'd like to ask
    some questions:
    - Does any one know where can I download the IEEE-1284 documentations?
    - Where can we download PLIP?
    - How many protocols do we have now. Where are the documents?

    - In one of the threads I've read on the URL bellow, from Roger, it is said that
    HostClk can be connected to PeriphClk, HostACK --> PeriphACK. In my opinion,
    it works, but we have a problem with nReverseRequest and nACKReverse.
    Therefore, I checked in the
    /usr/src/linux/Documentation/networking/PLIP.txt. In this document,
    the -STROBE (pin 1, active low) is connected with BUSY (pin 9, active high);
    the -AUTO_FD (pin 14, active low) is connected with PAPER_ERROR (pin 12,
    active high). Is this right? How does it work?

    Thank you for any hint or idea.

    Nguyen Thai

    > > Is it essential for me to write a device driver ? All I need to
    > do is read
    > > data from the parallel port.
    > Yes, that's what everyone says. But which protocol do you want to
    > use? ;-)
    > > Also, is there an archive somewhere for this list ?
    > Yes, at <URL:>.

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