[PARPORT] parallel port HD

From: Estelle Baer (etbaer@pol.net)
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 14:34:09 EDT

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    This is the context for the question which follows.

    To gain some familiarity with Linux, an old Fujitsu laptop
    was wiped clean of W2K; and SuSE 7.2/2.4.4 was installed. SuSE
    filled the laptop's 2gb HD, so a Micro-Solutions (M-S)30gb external
    drive (BPHD) was attached via the parallel port. (In the W2K
    scenario, a printer is daisied to the BPHP and the system is
    nicely integrated by a software module supplied by M-S.)

    SuSE installed itself and allocated three partitions on the HD.
    No problem.

    SuSE, in answer to a query as to what procedure to follow so
    that the BPHD could be accessed by Linux, said that the question
    was outside the scope of installation support; they recommended
    reading Linux for Dummies. (I had already read three books with
    that title--by different authors--and felt already sufficiently
    dumbed down; none of these books described a procedure for adding
    a hard drive via the parallel port, although one gave a procedure
    for a CD-ROM--a description that was not helpful.)

    M-S, when questioned, advised keying in the commands
        insmod parport
        insmod parport_pc
        insmod paride
        insmod bpck6 [M-S's driver for the BPHD]
        insmod pd
           Power up the drive, and (as root) key in
        modprobe pd
           and, from its output, see where the BPHD was added to the
           system, and then use the location to mount the BPHD. (An
           example was given for a CD-ROM.)

    When this procedure was followed, the command modprobe pd gave
    no info, it merely returned a prompt on the next line. (When this
    was described to M-S, the reply was that I was in X or some other
    GUI. (But I had logged in as root.) M-S suggested addressing my
    question to the Parport Mailing List.

    So the question is: How does one make the BPHD accessible to Linux?

    --Linux novice


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