[PARPORT] parport_pc: Device or resource busy

From: Eric And Steff Runquist (steric@ameritech.net)
Date: Sun Aug 26 2001 - 21:34:32 EDT

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    I'm relatively new to Linux, at least as an admin. I installed
    RedHat 7.1 on a second drive on my home computer (a Sony
    Vaio 233Mhz), and I'm having trouble getting my LexMark 3200
    parallel port printer to work. The printer works fine from
    Windows 95.

    Initially, I tried to set things up using the GUI printer config
    tool. After doing this, I got the "No such device or address"
    error when I tried to print anything.

    I looked in /var/log/messages, and discovered the following

    ...insmod: /lib...parport/parport_pc.o init_module: Device or resource

    I've tried directly cat'ing to /dev/lp0, lp1, and lp2 (as root), and
    I get the "No such device or address" error. From what I've
    read, I think this should work regardless of the presence of a
    printer driver.

    Based on some advice in another posting to this list, I tried
    changing my BIOS from ECP to EPP. This didn't work either.

    I compared the contents of /proc/interrupts to the equivalent
    settings in Windows 95, and the parallel port that Windows sees
    at IRQ 7 doesn't showup in the interrupts file.

    I ran "modprobe -c | grep parport", and I get the following:
      prune modules.parportmap
      alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

    Eric Runquist

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