[PARPORT] Disabling autodetection

From: Jaeger, Gerhard (gjaeger@sysgo.de)
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 06:45:17 EDT

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    Hi list,

    I provide a kernel module to control Plustek parallel port scanner. To detect
    the parport modes and to register the driver, I use the parport stuff.
    Since kernel 2.4.x I now have sometimes the problem, that the IEEE 1284
    autodetection stuff interferes with the scanner devices. It seems that the
    stuff sent to the devices causes the ASICs there to entry some undefined
    states. When I disable the IEEE1284 stuff in the kernel configuration I only
    have the SPP mode available.
    Is the any configuration switch that allows the use of the EPP mode without
    autodetecting IEEE 1284 devices?

    Thanks in advance

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