Re: [PARPORT] A few questions.

From: Philip Blundell (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 12:43:55 EDT

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    >If nothing else, I find that a lot of users that e-mail us have compiled the
    >paride stuff into the kernel. Now, my understanding is that at this point,
    >the only time the drives would be probed is at boot time. It'd be nice, if
    >there was a way to get the drives to re-probe. (also this would let them
    >insert the modules just once and then use another means to re-probe for the

    Yeah. Although parallel ports aren't officially hot-pluggable, it does happen
    quite often that you want to go out and discover devices at some time after
    boot. You can already do that with modules, by unloading and reloading, but
    that isn't completely satisfactory.

    I think maybe the thing to do is provide some hook to have parport behave as
    if a port had been removed and then re-introduced - that is, just do
    "detach_driver_chain(port); parport_announce_port(port);" or something vaguely
    equivalent. That will cause all the IEEE 1284 discovery to happen anew, and
    drivers using the "new style" API will get an opportunity to go hunting for
    their own devices. I don't think PARIDE actually falls into this category
    right now, but converting it would be a worthwhile project anyway.

    Since parallel ports don't have any hardware to detect when devices are
    inserted or removed, this can't be triggered manually. But even if the user
    has to do it by hand, it would probably be better than the current situation.


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