Re: [PARPORT] A few questions.

From: Ken Hahn (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 13:21:07 EDT

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    hrm.. I just have one problem with this method.

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    > I think maybe the thing to do is provide some hook to have parport behave
    > if a port had been removed and then re-introduced - that is, just do
    > "detach_driver_chain(port); parport_announce_port(port);" or something
    > equivalent. That will cause all the IEEE 1284 discovery to happen anew,
    > drivers using the "new style" API will get an opportunity to go hunting
    > their own devices. I don't think PARIDE actually falls into this category
    > right now, but converting it would be a worthwhile project anyway.
    The problem for me is that BACKPACK's can be daisy-chained, so if we were to
    "re-enumerate" the devices on a single parallel port when a new drive is
    connected, we might loose the currently connected drive (Is this similar to
    a problem the USB people have had?).

    > Since parallel ports don't have any hardware to detect when devices are
    > inserted or removed, this can't be triggered manually. But even if the
    > has to do it by hand, it would probably be better than the current

    At least for backpack users, it would be fairly simple for me to write a
    userspace daemon that would go do the probing and then tell the kernel when
    to go "re-scan". If every paride protocol module provided some kind of
    "scan_iter" then it would be possible to make the mechanism more generic.


    Ken Hahn

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