[PARPORT] Red Hat 6.5 and Mandrake 8.0 ECP problem

From: Ing. Giorgio Alboni (alboni@biometrika.it)
Date: Mon Sep 03 2001 - 04:02:53 EDT

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    I develop a ECP device and a software driver for windows 98.
    I recompile it under linux using the iopl(3) function for unlock the hardware resource.
    I used it under a very old Red Hat distribution and it's run correctly.
    Under a Red Hat 6.5 distribution or under Mandrake 8.0 it have some problem.
    The device transfer a image of 100K via ECP. With new distribuitin there are some byte wrong
    (I use a internal CRC that fail).
    In the "driver" (it isn't a real linux driver....) there is a internal cicle that's load 16 byte from ECP buffer if it's full. If I insert here a "if" istruction (ex. if(0) printf ("111")) the error on image are more big ( about 10 times more).
    I suppose that something in linux kernel read ECP during image transfer. I recomplite it without ECP support but the resoult is the same.
    Where is the problem??

    Ing. Giorgio Alboni
    Biometrika s.r.l.
    Via Bertini, 75
    47100 Forlė
    Tel. 0543-798604
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