Re: [PARPORT] Red Hat 6.5 and Mandrake 8.0 ECP problem

From: Ing. Giorgio Alboni (
Date: Mon Sep 03 2001 - 09:31:58 EDT

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    The software initialise the ECR (ECP extended control register) correctly.
    In other case the software could not work under Win ME.
    The ECP Hardware is correctly used from software. This is true because:
    under Win ME it's
    run correctly and because a symple instruction "if (0) printf ("22");"
    increse the problem under
    linux (under win ME continue to work fine).
    Other idea?

    Ing. Giorgio Alboni

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    On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 11:26:09AM +0200, Ing. Giorgio Alboni wrote:

    > >It sounds like you aren't initialising the ECR to the value that you
    > >need it to be. Is that the case?
    > I don't know. On the same PC I installed win ME and linux. The software
    > on win ME (so the ECP hardware is correctly initialized and work well) but
    > don't on linux......

    But your program needs to initialise the ECR to the value that it
    needs. Is it doing that? If not, it should; that sounds like the
    problem, to me.


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