[PARPORT] Boise Mode?

From: Dmitri Katchalov (dmitrik@MailAndNews.com)
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 02:29:59 EDT

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    Anyone out there knows anything about it?

    As I understand (please correct me if I'm wrong) "Boise" refers to the
    early HP proposal on which IEEE1284 was based.

    I'm writing a driver for my Brother MFC 4600. On Windows they have
    a VxD called "Boise driver". There are also references to "Boise mode",
    "Boise timeout" etc. in INI and log files. Windows driver appear to
    support modes not found in the IEEE1284 specs such as the one where
    the data is transferred on both edges of the clock without waiting
    for acknowledgment from the peripheral.

    It sort of works with parport driver as of kernel 2.4.7 using IEEE
    reverse byte and nibble modes but I have some intermittent problems
    reading data from it. Occasionally it would return an error when
    trying to negotiate reverse channel or it would return early without
    reading all the data or even drop a few bytes.

    I did a search on Google and nothing specific has turned up except
    maybe the following:


    Developer note for Apple LaserWriter 12/640 PS Printer
    on page 58:

    "HandShake [...] A value of 1 indicates that handshaking should
    occur in accordance with the Hewlett-Packard® “Boise” Parallel
    Port Interface Specification, Revision 0.6. A value of 2, 6, 7,
    or 8 reflects IEEE 1284 specifications, version 1.00 or 2.00."

    I appreciate any suggestions.


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