[PARPORT] Problem with 2 paralell ports

From: Diego Muñoz Pérez \(Trevenque Sistemas de Información S.L.\) (munoz@trevenque.es)
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 10:44:46 EDT

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    I found I was doing something wrong but I can't make it work. I
    didn't execute very well the load of parport_pc module but it doesn't work
    yet. The good stuff should be:

    # insmod parport
    # insmod parport_pc io=0x278,0xc400 irq=7,12
    (IRQ 12 & IO 0x278 are from the mainboard and the other values from the PCI
    Card, I know those two steps could be done with "modprobe parport_pc
    io=0x278,0xc400 irq=7,12", if I don't introduce IO/IRQ it just find the
    mainboard's LP port.)
    # insmod lp

    These are the messages:

    Oct 5 19:51:50 servidor kernel: parport_pc: Via 686A parallel port:
    io=0x278, irq=7
    Oct 5 20:30:52 servidor kernel: parport0: PC-style at 0x278, irq 7
    Oct 5 20:30:52 servidor kernel: parport1: PC-style at 0xc400, irq 12
    Oct 5 20:30:52 servidor kernel: parport1: irq 12 in use, resorting to
    polled operation
    Oct 5 20:33:58 servidor kernel: lp0: using parport0 (interrupt-driven).
    Oct 5 20:33:58 servidor kernel: lp1: using parport1 (polling).

    Bad luck, it is pulling out the PCI Card because the irq 12 is in use (from
    who??). What de hell is "resorting to polled operation"?. Therebefore I try
    to print in lp1 because I wanna see the message and make sure it is not
    going to work:

    Oct 5 20:36:41 servidor kernel: lp1 off-line

    Yes, I'm unfaithfuly right.

    Any ideas? Any help will be so appreciated.

    See you people and have a nice weekend.

    Diego Muñoz Pérez
    Network administrator & Web developer
    Trevenque Sistemas de Informacion S.L.
    Pza Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda,6
    18008 Granada (Spain)
    Tfno. 34 958183030
    Fax: 34 958134402
    E-mail. munoz@trevenque.es

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