[PARPORT] Interface to EPP devices

From: Bart Duchesne (bduc@dyndaco.com)
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 03:34:11 EDT

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    I'm new to this list, so please point me to the right place in case my
    question doesn't belong here.

    I'm making a simple interface (hardware) to address IO modules on a
    simple parallel bus.
    To do this a have a simple hardware interface consisting of a few
    buffers and latches that I want to interface to the parallel port of my
    controller. (a PC or something equivalent).
    I intend to use the parallel port in EPP mode so that I can make use of
    the address and data strobes of the port to steer the logic in my interface.

    Can someone point me to some documentation or examples that use the
    parport drivers this way (either in user or kernel space).

    Any further advice would be appreciated.


    Bart Duchesne

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