[PARPORT] Paride, epat, pg todo funciona pero no se ve el CDr

From: Gross Trebut, Rainer (Rainer.Gross@sonda.com)
Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 13:04:15 EDT

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    Hi all!

    I am running a SuSE Linux 7.2 kernel version 2.4.4
    on a Compaq Presario 1246 Notebook
    I do also have a Mitsui CDR which is installed in a
    Paralellport IDE adapter case.

    The CDr is doing fine with Windows (but I am not).

    So my problem is that I was able to install all modules

    modprobe paride
    modprobe epat
    modprobe pg

    and non of them reported an error or any other problem.
    But neither they reported a successfull connection.

    And all pgX devices don't work.

    Could anyone tell me what could be the problem or at least
    if there is any log were probably some misbehavier is loged?

    Thanks in advance


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