[PARPORT] Non-interrupting PIO for PPF and ECP modes

From: Tom Perkins (tomp@trperkins.2y.net)
Date: Sat Nov 24 2001 - 19:48:47 EST

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    Hi Tim and All,

    Per Tim's suggestion I've been working on code to provide PPF and ECP
    PIO support with no reliance on interrupts. I've been working against
    the parport_pc modules in 2.4.14. I've reached a point where I need
    some questions answered.

    In the function parport_pc_compat_write_block_pio

    1.) The setting of the phase to FWD_DATA and FWD_DATA_IDLE would seem

    2.) Changing the mode to ECR_TST looks illegal -- Violates the rule that
    ECR_PS2 must be visited first? This code is the same for the
    ecp_write_block code. In the MS version of 1284 spec I thought a
    control single STROBE was used to stop transfer? Is this correct and
    what should be used for compat_write_block?


    /* Parallel Port FIFO mode (ECP chipsets) */
    size_t parport_pc_compat_write_block_pio (struct parport *port,


            port->physport->ieee1284.phase = IEEE1284_PH_FWD_DATA; <----???


                    printk (KERN_DEBUG "%s: FIFO is stuck\n", port->name);

                    /* Prevent further data transfer. */
                    frob_econtrol (port, 0xe0, ECR_TST << 5); <--------????

            port->physport->ieee1284.phase = IEEE1284_PH_FWD_IDLE; <----??


            return written;


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