Re: [PARPORT] HP 7200 and cdda2wav & cdrecord (1.9) Linux 7.1 2.4.9-12 kernel

From: Paul Brandariz x6546 (
Date: Tue Nov 27 2001 - 12:09:07 EST

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    Paul Brandariz x6546 wrote:

    > Hi:
    > I have an HP 7200e CD-Writer Plus and have gotten it somehow to behave, but not completely.
    > I have RH7.1 with the updated 2.4.9-12 kernel (386) .
    > Running the OS supplied cdda2wav and cdrecord (1.9).
    > I can't get cdda2wav nor cdrecord to work with the drive.

    This is a followup on the problem I had with the HP7200.
    This problem is solved, Here are the things I did to resolve it.

    1. Download the latest rev of cdrecord (cdrtools-1.10). Compile and install.
       RH7.1 version 1.9 will not work.

    2. Set the cdda2wav and cdrecord to be setuid root. This is so they can
       open /dev/sg? as a regular user.

    3. Read the rc.pp and README.parallel file included in cdrtools-1.10.
       This was to determine the correct parameters to "insmod pg" and "insmod pcd0"
       The correct parameters would provide the device name needed by
       cdrecord and cdda2wav of "0,0,0".

    At this point cdda2wav is able to read the CD ( still slow and freezes the OS)
    cdrecord is able to write audio to the CD.

    The speed issue might be resolved by setting the drive to EPP mode. Since
    this is a separate parallel port bd I need to dig into the docs of the bd
    to see how it is done.

    Thanks to all, but specially to Stephen Mollet and Wolfgang Rohdewald for
    providing clues to look for.

    Paul R. Brandariz           E-mail Internet:
    KLA-Tencor  Corporation
    One Technology Dr.
    Milpitas, CA 95035

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