[PARPORT] creating bootable cdroms

From: Murat Bayrakci (murat.bayrakci@superonline.com)
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 04:56:22 EST

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            Hi all,

            What is the correct procedure to create a windows and linux bootable cdrom
    by mkisofs? Or should I use something else in linux? Lets say I have a
    bootable floppy,
    is there any parameter in mkisofs ? If so, really need to know what it
    is, cause I
      couldn't get a straight answer from man pages... I 'd really appreciate
    if you guys can show me a way..
    In the office I set a script for cdwriting , machine is linux, usernames
    are straight dropping to that script and they can copy their files through
    samba. This script make life a lot easier for office people, and they can
    do every kind of recording ( audio, mp3 converting, data cds, cd to cd
    copy, iso creation both with rockridge and juliet extensions ) in a
    central cdrecording box running Redhat 7.2 from their MSDos prompts . But
    they keep on asking me how to create bootable cds..

    Thanks in advance..

    Murat B

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