Re: [PARPORT] multiple low-level drivers

From: Tim Waugh (
Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 04:32:54 EST

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    On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 09:26:47PM -0500, Kipp Cannon wrote:

    > The HP interface driver keeps track of which ports it owns by maintaining
    > a private linked list of them. This could be done in every low-level
    > driver but it's a lot of code duplication. My own preference would be to
    > add the field
    > struct module *owner
    > to one of the parport structures, either struct parport or maybe struct
    > parport_operations (a la file_operations). It's then trivial to set the
    > pointer to THIS_MODULE and check it against THIS_MODULE before removing
    > the port. I don't know if this method of keeping track of ownership is
    > smiled upon or frowned upon by the kernel upper-ups but it can't be beaten
    > for simplicity at the driver level. Any thoughts?

    This is an excellent way of doing it IMHO. Care to write the patch
    (you're in a better position to test it than I am)?


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