[PARPORT] General user mode access to parallel port

From: Robert Heller (heller@deepsoft.com)
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 11:07:38 EST

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    Is there a high-level parallel port driver that allows 'vanila' access
    to a parallel port from a user-mode program? If so, what are the ioctls
    available? I need to be able to test if data is available and/or test
    the state of the handshake lines. Or do I need to write a kernel module

    I'd like to use one bit of the parallel port for a 'special' serial
    device -- the Sony LANC control. This is a 'shared' ttl (OC) serial
    interface, but interfaces need to sync with each other.

    See http://www3.nb.sympatico.ca/dmeed/sony_lan.html for information on
    how this protocol works.

    Thanks in advance.

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