[PARPORT] missing knowledge

From: Peter van Dijk (pvd@hetnet.nl)
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 17:46:30 EST

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    I have a beginners question about using the parport.

    My configuration:

    Toshiba Satellite Pro 4300
    Redhat 7.0
    Philips 3610 external cdwriter

    The last weeks I tried to connect the cdwriter to my computer.
    I tried to read the parport book, but it is to technical for me.
    ("sharing layer" "linked list" "funtion pointers" "callbacks")

    What knowledge do I need to read this book ?
    Linux architecture ? Programming ?

    Is there a simple way to use this cdwriter ?

    kind regards,

    peter van dijk
    the netherlands

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