[PARPORT] Re: fifo recovery in EPF mode

From: Tom Perkins (tomp@trperkins.2y.net)
Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 15:15:49 EST

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    You're, of course, right about the end of block. With EPF the most
    likely exception condition is out-of-paper. With the typical 4K block
    and the typical 16 byte fifo that leaves about 0.4% chance that when
    paper runs out it'll do so with at end of the block. Or that one in
    every two hundred paper-outs may corrupt data on restart.

    Forcing STROBE was described for true ECP mode in the MS doc. While I
    haven't tried it for ECP mode (no test hardware) it didn't work for me
    in EPF mode. The printer locked up like a Windows PC. I had to power off
    to recover. Hence a new suggestion. I'll play some with the available
    control signals (STROBE and SelectIn).

    Another possible option is to leave the printer in EPF so that data from
    the next block can be used to fill the fifo. The context state issues
    and possible side effects of that are a nightmare.

    Another nasty solution is to fill the fifo with nulls while in EPF mode
    switching to PS2 mode immediately on the full condition. That'd have
    only a few microseconds of risk. That's probably the true hardware
    behaviour of the current code, the ECR_TST is treated as a nop by the
    hardware. The chance that the error condition will clear (and data
    transfer resume) after we start filling the fifo and but before we
    change to PS2 mode has to be real, real small. One in a few hundred
    thousand paper-outs I'd say.

    The last solution I've thought about carries a performance penalty for
    every block. Always leave the last 16 (fifo size) bytes unsent. So the
    time-out logic can always force a fifo full condition. To be really
    safe the last fifo worth of bytes in a stream would need to go via PS2
    mode. Or even more generic for even more of a performance loss -- always
    send the last bytes of a block PS2 mode. This strikes me as the classic
    $100 solution to the 10 cent problem. But it is THE most reliable
    solution I can think of (right now away).


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