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From: Jim Boedicker (
Date: Mon Dec 24 2001 - 16:21:50 EST

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    On Sun, Dec 23, 2001 at 09:57:19PM -0500, C. J. Martoff wrote:
    > SuSE sets up apsfilter. The SuSE setup under YAST2 offers Lexmark 3200 as
    > a "known" printer but warns that there are some devices sold under this
    > model number that do work and some that don't work with their setup (?? I
    > find this hard to believe). When I do gs --help I also get lex3200 listed
    > as a useable printer. So I'm betting that the SuSE tool is broken and I
    > can get this thing to work.
    > C. J. Martoff

    You May want to try running apsfilter seperately:
    ( aside from Yast/Yast2 ).

    I'm running Slackware and it deposits apsfilter into (/usr/lib/apsfilter).
    Apsfilter has it Own Setup, ( an Executable Shell Script ) in this
    directory. You can cd /usr/lib/apsfilter/ and run ./SETUP from there.
    Or... just /usr/lib/apsfilter/SETUP, as root for somewhere else.
    It's somewhat long and tedious, but has always given me excellent results!
    It will create it's own ( /etc/printcap ) which should do the trick.
    I usually let it Over-write a Non-working /etc/printcap.
    NOTE: SuSe is SuSe, and I don't remember Where it put's apsfilter, but
    it should be a similar location to /usr/lib?
    Another option is to investigate ( CUPS ):
    the (Common Unix Printing System), obtainable off the internet, this too,
    has worked well for me! CUPS May have better support for Lexmark?
    SuSe may ship with CUPS as well, some other distributios do.
    Lastly, creating an /etc/printcap by hand from scratch, or better taking
    one that Almost works from say, apsfilter, and Modifying it can be the:
    "right thing" in stubborn cases, a good place to begin is "man printcap".

    Hope this Helps!
    and Happy Hollidays

    Jim Boedicker

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