Re: [PARPORT] Mounting 100GB VFAT drive problem

From: farmer dude (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 16:16:38 EST

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    not sure if this is what is hampering you, but there
    is a bug from what I've heard (via linux-kernel
    mailing list) with FAT32 hard drives over 68GB in
    size. I think there is more to your problem than
    this, but this might be one of the issues.


    --- "Robert W. Yarbrough" <>
    > Ok, solved my initial problem and now I have a new
    > one. I've worked all day
    > on this to no avail. Even though this is a backpack
    > hardrive, I've changed
    > out the 30GB drive with a 100GB drive. (Windows
    > reports it at 93GB) It is
    > partitioned as one large partition, with the FAT32
    > file system. It has worked
    > great under windows, so I know that there isn't
    > anything wrong with the drive
    > or formating/partitioning (at least as far as
    > microsoft is concerned). insmod

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