Re: [PARPORT] VIA686a Non-working EPP with ECP enabled

From: Tom Perkins (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 09:13:11 EST

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    I don't know the "whys" for "intel_bug_check" but it's found on my
    KT133A chipset as well. However, if you select EPP only (without ECP) in
    the bios then the code does detect EPP mode. But that's because "ecr" is
    never set so the code is never entered. Since I don't have any EPP
    devices to test with I can't tell you EPP is actually working. But I
    would be interested in knowing.


    Pavel Moravec wrote:

    > Hello,
    > I have following problem with EPP detection:
    > When loading paroport (with or without params) on my via KT-133 (686a) chipset,
    > EPP1.9/EPP1.7, EPP is not detected correctly with ECP/EPP enabled, due to
    > `Intel BUG check' in parport_EPP_supported().
    > In the first iteration of `Intel BUG check' (i=0), clear_epp_timeout(pb)
    > returns 1, because condition if (!(parport_pc_read_status(pb) & 0x01)) is true,
    > due to retval of parport_pc_read_status(pb), which is 0x78.
    > In the 2.2 kernels, EPP is detected correctly.
    > I have encountered similar problem (but without this debugging) on my old 486
    > with UMC chipset, where with 2.2 kernels EPP is detected, but with 2.4 not,
    > even with ECP disabled. I will do some debugging later.
    > If you know, what causes this behaviour (e.g. faulty chipset), pls let me know.
    > Thanks
    > Pavel Moravec
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