[PARPORT] VIA686a Non-working EPP with ECP enabled

From: Pavel Moravec (pavel.moravec@post.cz)
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 05:36:45 EST

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           I have following problem with EPP detection:

    When loading paroport (with or without params) on my via KT-133 (686a) chipset,
    EPP1.9/EPP1.7, EPP is not detected correctly with ECP/EPP enabled, due to
    `Intel BUG check' in parport_EPP_supported().

    In the first iteration of `Intel BUG check' (i=0), clear_epp_timeout(pb)
    returns 1, because condition if (!(parport_pc_read_status(pb) & 0x01)) is true,
    due to retval of parport_pc_read_status(pb), which is 0x78.

    In the 2.2 kernels, EPP is detected correctly.

    I have encountered similar problem (but without this debugging) on my old 486
    with UMC chipset, where with 2.2 kernels EPP is detected, but with 2.4 not,
    even with ECP disabled. I will do some debugging later.

    If you know, what causes this behaviour (e.g. faulty chipset), pls let me know.

                                             Pavel Moravec

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