[PARPORT] trouble with backpack cdrw

From: Fraser Novaco (fnovaco@polaris.umuc.edu)
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 12:03:52 EST

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    Hi, I am almost there. I appreciate all the help people have given me
    with my cdrw. I can now mount the drive readonly, and it gets recognized
    as a scsi device.

    The problem now seems to be that I cant write to the device because it is
    on scsibus 1. According to the HOWTO, the cdrw needs to have the scsi
    address 0,0,0. Unfortunately, this is my internal cdrom, which does
    not have write capability.

    Since I am so close, I am now approaching another question. I have 133 MB
    free on my 1 GB linux partition. I want to increase the size of the partition,
    but in the meantime, i need to be able to back up the entire system.

    my dos partition is 972 MB and is only 17% used.

    I appreciate all the advice you people have given. Thanks!

    Fraser Novaco

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