[PARPORT] 8255 in Mode 0.

From: MERRETT, David (david.merrett@baesystems.com)
Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 23:36:33 EST

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    I have been looking through information available for a clear indication of
    how to put the 8255 PIO chip into MODE 0, using the typical Linux drivers.
    This mode allows direct control of all 24 bits on a standard 25 pin
    connector. I believe it would only work in SPP mode, as the control byte to
    put the 8255 in Mode 0 must be written to BASE + 3 (EG to put all 24 pins
    of port with base 0x0378, to be outputs, byte 0x80 is written to 0x037B)

    Is this possible using parport, or any previously existing driver?
    the only way I can do it is to write to port driectly but using
    ioperm(0x0378,4,1) as root.

    RF engineer, BAE Systems.

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