[PARPORT] Tcl-question?

From: James Robert Adkins (james.adkins@multigig.com)
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 07:26:16 EST

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    Looking to design a board to load up values to a load of latches using a
    parallel port a FIFO and a schmitt trigger
    but I need to know how to put values to the individual pins on the
    I'm using Tcl and anything I have come accross has been in C using its
    Can Anyone get me started ?

    set testi [open /dev/lp0 w+]
    set max 0x37f
    for { set i 0x378 } { $i < $max } { incr i } {
        seek $testi $i

    set pos [tell $testi]
    puts $testi 1

    This is the kinda stuff I've been trying.. All I need to know is how to
    set the PAPER-FEED for example (AUTO_FD_XT)
    Im working with the printer untill my components turn up.


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