[PARPORT] ieee1394 cdrw,cdrecord,pg kernel driver

From: Wolfram Reda (rw024419@wreda.com)
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 09:26:08 EST

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    I try to setup a Rico MP9060A DVD/CD-RW drives via an external ieee1394
    connection. I have a 2.4.10 Kernel(Suse 7.3 distribution). When i load the
    kernelmodules for iee1394(ieee1394,ohci1394,sbp2) everything seems to be ok.
    I can mount CD's. The CD-Combo is detected as SCSI Drive 1.
    But when i start cdrecord the system hangs? According to the attached part
    of the /var/log/messages there is a problem with the paride/pg kernel module?

    Can somebody help me or had some similiar experience and found a way out?


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