Re: [PARPORT] EPP timeout problem

From: Max Vorobiev (
Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 04:51:26 EST

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    I think this is not so. This device works under Windows in EPP mode setted
    with BIOS(I know - I disassembled it.).

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    > I'm not sure if this is relevant for your application or not, but EPP mode
    > requires a valid handshake on waitN from the device. If this handshake
    > is not received then a timeout will occur.
    > It may not be your PC that is the problem, but the device that you
    > are interfacing with.
    > EPP 1.7 mode will work without the ready handshake, EPP 1.9 won't.
    > Sometimes this is a BIOS option.
    > Just my $0.05
    > Cheers,
    > Dave
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    > Good day.
    > I have system at Asus P3B-F motherboard with P3-450 CPU. My problem is the
    > next:
    > BIOS has several modes to operate parallel port: SPP, EPP, ECP and
    > The last mode - port can be used in EPP _or_ ECP mode (select by
    > Then I set
    > EPP+ECP mode and use parport module in EPP modes (epp_read/epp_write and
    > on) all works fine. But then I set EPP only mode, _all_ calls to "epp_ "
    > functions fails, due timeout. (Setted timeout bit of status register).
    > can be done to fix it?

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