[PARPORT] 2.2.18pre parport changes and interrupts

From: Shane Wegner (shane@cm.nu)
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 15:56:47 EST

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    Hi all,

    It appears that the changes in the parport driver in
    2.2.18prepatches broke interrupts somehow. Although my
    driver uses interrupt-base operation, the interrupts don't
    seem to ever occur. The /proc/interrupts stats for the
    port remain at 0.

    I tried 2.2.17 (vanilla) and interrupts worked fine. I
    then took drivers/parport from 2.2.17 and dropped it into
    2.2.18pre7, compiled, and interrupts also worked. However,
    the 2.2.18prex driver displays the problem.

    Does anyone know of any API changes I should be aware of.
    My driver calls parport_enable_irq() and
    parport_data_reverse(). I assume that is still the way to


    Shane Wegner: shane@cm.nu
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