[PARPORT] problem with Sparq under linux 2.4.17 using devfs

From: Joel Fernandez (bascos@ifrance.com)
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 16:43:29 EST

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    I'm sorry, but my english is not as good as it should :-)
    As you saw in the subjet I have some troubles with my Sparq.
    I'm working with Debian distribution, but I'm a newbie.

    when I used Sparq with my old kernel (2.2.17), I had no problem.
    But, after a very strong crash, my hard disk was down, and I was obliged
    to buy another one. From that moment, I can't use my Sparq.
    I tried to put paride script, but it doesn't want to create normal pd
    devices. So I tried with a new kernel (2.4.17) and devfs. The only
    problem I have is that I 've been using devfs for a couple of days and
    I think something is missing. How can I try my Sparq with this new
    kernel and devfs ?

    Thank to all.


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