Re: [PARPORT] Parallel port patches (and woes)

From: Tim Waugh (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 04:19:57 EST

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    On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 09:04:56PM +1300, Nicholas Hildreth wrote:

    > I've had a looksee into getting a PCMCIA parallel port card working for the
    > ipaq (in my case a Quatech SPP-100). Two seg faults were occurring when
    > trying to load the parport modules. Below are fixes to get parport up and
    > running - well,... sorta.
    > Seg 1:
    > ------
    > Occurs from the 'parport_pc' module trying to scan for ISA ports that
    > obviously the ipaq doesn't have. The easiest way around this is to modify
    > the include file "/include/asm-arm/parport.h". Change the line in function
    > 'parport_pc_find_nonpci_ports' to the following:
    > static int __devinit parport_pc_find_nonpci_ports (int autoirq, int autodma)
    > {
    > // return parport_pc_find_isa_ports (autoirq, autodma);
    > return 1; // IPaQ has no ISA ports.
    > }

    This change affects all ARM ports: is that intentional? Are there any
    ARM machines that the ISA port check will work for?


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