[PARPORT] plip strange problem

From: Roberto Montagna (radon86@tin.it)
Date: Sat Mar 30 2002 - 12:00:50 EST

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    I've got 2 computers and I'd like them to be linked using plip. One is a
    Duron 1000, the other is an old 486dx2, both pc's with Slackware 8.0 and
    kernel 2.4.17. So, I configured the kernel (with parallel port and plip
    support statically linked to the kernel), I configured the network, and the
    ping from the Duron to the 486 works fine (max 1%-2% packets lost, tcpdump
    running in the 486 shows the route of all datagrams), while from 486 to the
    Duron I get 100% packets lost (there aren't problems of unknown host, because
    network configuration should be all right). Maybe could be a problem of the
    486, because its hardware is quite old. In fact the kernel couldn't find an
    irq for the parallel port (it's a PC-SPP in 0x378). I tried without irq, and
    I get the problems above, I tried with irq 5 and also with irq 7 and nothing
    changes. Something else: I tried to connect with an ftp client to the proftpd
    server installed in the 486. With tcpdump running in both machimes I see the
    datagrams outgoing from the Duron and ingoing into the 486. But after few
    datagrams (3-4) the connection fails. So I have to close the ftp client.
    Once, I saw a datagram outgoing from the 486 with the extension .ftp (so it
    should be a reply of the ftp server to the client) abount 30 secs after I
    closed the client. I don't really know where the problem could be. Maybe it
    could be an hardware trouble... Does anybody can help me? Thanks.

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