[PARPORT] Parport Query

From: Luke Cliff (ljcliff@bigpond.com)
Date: Sun Apr 07 2002 - 19:53:48 EDT

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    Hello Group,
                          I building a particle accelerator/displacment
    turbine, and I have built the source code for some sort of switch for a
     device to plug in too... The problem is I don't know where to start,
    when it comes to making the device a computer connection.... I heard
    somewhere that par port is the ideal interface, and even read a post
    where someone here was building LED displays with parport,kind of what I
    need to do... Could someone please help me out, I am a intermediate
    Linux user, and have the schematics diagrams for the circuits after the
    parallel port, the source code for the binary which will control the
    device, but no IDEA of how to make the much needed connection, I don't
    need to send particular hex codes(one will do), just a pulse to convert
    to a relay switch...

    Luke Cliff

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