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Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 03:39:18 EDT

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    Sorry, for MO230 walid geomety 221/32/63....


    > The Question!
    > Nobody does not plan create SCSI-BIOS-emulation for ppSCSI?
    > With pleasure to join!..
    > I searched for the answers to problem on linuxdoc - and ed on the
    > following: - scsi has no a physical presentation C/H/S, these given are
    > substituted subsequently...
    > - a driver under Windows (95 and NT) themselves always set geometry
    > 442/16/63 (its right for 230MB MO devices).
    > - under Linux - is done by way of the sensing MBR (in which recorded trash
    > ???), SCSI device have no BIOS (C/H/S) information about disk geometry.
    > When I have corrected in module sd_mod (<kernel-source>/drivers/scsi/sd.c,
    > by force having puted necessary me parameters) given about parameter of the
    > disk, given this module, that all have got up on their own place... And the
    > whole subsystem ppscsi-epst here works without remarks.
    > There is questions: possible send these parameters to module sd (rather
    > then barbarous to rule the source texts)?
    > I have two MO devices: Fujitsu M2541BE02 (IDE interface) and Olympus (auch
    > based on Fujitsu SCSI drive) with Shittle SCSI (EPST) adapter, now they
    > both work equally under DOS/Windows and under Linux. Moreover, I shall not
    > create partions - but as it is accepted for MO device - write all directly
    > to /dev/hdc, /dev/sda
    > I attach the ruled file sd.c - from kernel 2.4.18 - presently, regrettably,
    > no time for more neat reading and detailed analysis, variable to have
    > charge of geometry: H=const,S=const,C= total bloks / (H * S)
    > My reading noted "//!"
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