[PARPORT] Presentation and qestion.

From: El Morti (morti@andalinux.org)
Date: Sun May 12 2002 - 08:08:05 EDT

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    Hello, I'm Samuel Partida, I'm founder of AndaLinux LUG from Seville (Spain) and I'm here to try to solve my problem, here it goes:

    I've got a new scanner, it's a Primax Colorado Direct 9600 Parallel Port and needs the parallel port set to EPP mode so my problem is
    that I've got it plugged in my Compaq Presario Laptop which BIOS doesn't have any useful option, I cannot change the parellel port mode so it's in SPP by default (PCSPP mode in Linux). I need to change it so the scanner can work, how can I do it in Linux? Are there any way to "hack" the BIOS options or the parallel port options from Linux?? I'm very frustated, I've been searching in the Web and on IRC without getting any clue. Please can someone help me???

    Samuel Partida.

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