Re: [PARPORT] Imation LS120 install problem

From: Guido Milanese (
Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 12:30:16 EDT

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    On 7.05.2002, Lazar M Fleysher wrote:
    > Hello everybody,
    > I just got a used Imation SuperDisk (parallel port model) and am having
    > troubles configuring my system to recognize it.

    Sorry for answering so late. I am using a LS120 on Linux (Mandrake 8.2),
    without any problem, besides it is not using caching as in Windows and so
    it's much slower. This is what I do (similar to your system, I guess):

    insmod paride
    insmod epat
    insmod pf
    mount /dev/pf /mnt/LS/

    that's all. I do not know if this may be useful. In my case, it was (there
    mus be still the thread on the archives of this list: I got the suggestion
    from this list, in fact).

    All the best from Italy,

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    Ars Antiqua  Vocal Ensemble, Genoa, Italy
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