Re: [PARPORT] Switching between two devices

From: Glyn (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 03:32:44 EDT

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    Jon Miner wrote:
    > I have two devices which I want to switch between a
    > single parallel port:

    (I sense another laptop user)

    > 1) SyQuest SyJet 1.5GB drives (currently working!)
    > 2) HP 5100C scanner
    > Before I invest any time on this, has anyone done
    > something similar? It is as easy as unmounting the
    > SyQuest, unloading the modules, unpluging the SyQuest,
    > plugging in the scanner, and loading the modules?

    I don't think the parallel port is meant to be hot-swappable - you'd
    need to reboot if you wanted to change between one and the other.
    If either of them has a 'through' adaptor (probably labelled `to
    printer'), then you should be able to daisy-chain them, so it's even
    easier than hotplugging.

    Both my SyQuest SparQ and my FreeCom CDRW have a through port. I plug
    one in after the other, and load the modules for each, and both wll
    mount as normal. I can even burn from the SparQ to CD (though never at
    greater than 1x). I need to have the module dependencies and modprobe
    arguments set up carefully though, because they use different adaptor
    protocols (pcd and pg for friq, and pd for epat) and if I don't specify
    the arguments right, the kernel may hang for a few seconds while it
    looks for one type of drive under the other adaptor.

    Of course, this probably isn't a problem if there's no overlap between
    the adaptor protocols, and with a scanner and a HD you're probably OK.



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