[PARPORT] freecom portable cdrw or freecom power cdrw with linux?

From: Stefan Riha (s.riha@gmx.at)
Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 06:21:58 EDT

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    I have buyed an freecom CDRW. On the carton of the freecom CDRW stands that
    it is an "freecom portable CDRW".
    I also have buyed an freecom parallel port cable. With this cable i have
    buyed an floppy disk with drivers for dos, win3.11, win95, win98 and winNT.
    I have connected the freecom CDRW to the parallel port of my pc.
    At next I have installed msdos 6.2 on the first hard disk of my pc and suse
    Linux 6.3 on the second hard disk of my pc.
    Now I have installed the dos driver for my freecom CDRW. But this driver
    says, that my freecom CDRW is an "POWER-CD FREECOM Power CD Treiber".
    I dont understand this. The carton say it is an "FREECOM PORTABLE CDRW", but
    the driver say it is an "FREECOM POWER CDRW".
    At next i have looked at the internet to find more informations about the
    difference of an freecom power or portable cdrw, but i havent find something.
    But i have found somthing about to run the "FREECOM POWER CDRW" with Linux
    Now i have started my suse linux with lilo and i have made the following as

    #modprobe paride
    #modprobe frpw
    #modprobe pcd

    By the last command i always get some error messages (the module could not
    find any cd drive).

    Now i also have looked at the internet and i have found the following hompage
    On this webpage stands that i must run dos with the freecom driver for the
    power cdrw and at next i must boot my linux with loadlin (initialize with
    POWER-CD.SYS in DOS, then boot Linux with LOADLIN).

    Now i want to test this. But now my question.
    Is this the only way? Or could i make the same without dos?

    I hope you can help me and please write back.

    Stefan Riha

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