Re: [PARPORT] freecom portable cdrw or freecom power cdrw with linux?

From: Stefan Riha (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 09:09:28 EDT

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    Boot with loadlin and load the modules paride, frpw and pcd doasn't run.
    The pcd module found no CDRW with the frpw protokoll.
    Also the pg module found no CDRW with the frpw and/or the friq protokoll.
    Only the pcd module found a CDRW with the friq protokol, but i can't mount
    this CDRW (i have rebortet this errror messages earlier in this mailing list).

    I hope you can help me.

    Stefan Riha

    Am Dienstag, 28. Mai 2002 12:21 schrieben Sie:
    > I have buyed an freecom CDRW. On the carton of the freecom CDRW stands that
    > it is an "freecom portable CDRW".
    > I also have buyed an freecom parallel port cable. With this cable i have
    > buyed an floppy disk with drivers for dos, win3.11, win95, win98 and winNT.
    > I have connected the freecom CDRW to the parallel port of my pc.
    > At next I have installed msdos 6.2 on the first hard disk of my pc and suse
    > Linux 6.3 on the second hard disk of my pc.
    > Now I have installed the dos driver for my freecom CDRW. But this driver
    > says, that my freecom CDRW is an "POWER-CD FREECOM Power CD Treiber".
    > I dont understand this. The carton say it is an "FREECOM PORTABLE CDRW",
    > but the driver say it is an "FREECOM POWER CDRW".
    > At next i have looked at the internet to find more informations about the
    > difference of an freecom power or portable cdrw, but i havent find
    > something. But i have found somthing about to run the "FREECOM POWER CDRW"
    > with Linux (
    > Now i have started my suse linux with lilo and i have made the following as
    > root:
    > #modprobe paride
    > #modprobe frpw
    > #modprobe pcd
    > By the last command i always get some error messages (the module could not
    > find any cd drive).
    > Now i also have looked at the internet and i have found the following
    > hompage
    > (
    >-parallelport.html") On this webpage stands that i must run dos with the
    > freecom driver for the power cdrw and at next i must boot my linux with
    > loadlin (initialize with POWER-CD.SYS in DOS, then boot Linux with
    > LOADLIN).
    > Now i want to test this. But now my question.
    > Is this the only way? Or could i make the same without dos?
    > I hope you can help me and please write back.
    > MFG
    > Stefan Riha
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