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From: Stefan Riha (s.riha@gmx.at)
Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 13:32:56 EDT

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    I have freecom portable cdrw and an freecom parallel port cable.
    In the freecom portable cdrw runs a Philips CDD3801.

    I want to use this freecom cdrw with linux, but i always get a lot of error
    massages. I have send this error messages to you for some time.

    Now i have some questions:

    1) I have found an article in the parport mailing list
       The article was writen by Grant Guenther. In this article you can read the

    >pcd0: read block before command: alt=0x58 stat=0x58 err=0x100 loop=160001
    >If this is the first error, it means that the driver thought it had read
    >all the data, but the drive didn't agree. This leaves the driver in
    >a confused state. The next version of pcd will probably try to be
    >more forgiving of this particular problem, but it is usually caused by
    >marginal hardware, so I haven't had it high on my list.

       I have the same error message when i want to mount a data cd in my cdrw.
       The article was writen on the Fri, 31 Jul 1998.

       I have heard that you now develop the paride project.

       The people in the arcticle have an "Shuttle EPAT adapter" and i use a
       "freecom IQ adapter". And he get the error messages when he want to use
       the data on the cdrw. I get the error message when i want to mount a data

       Now my question:
       Is the reason for my error and the error in the article the same or is it
       an other problem.

    2) Doas the alternativ pcd driver from Zoltan Vorosbaranyi could help me with
        my problem. And how doas i can download the driver
        (ftp://ftp.honlap.net/pub/linux/pcd/pcd-0.30.tar.gz doasn't run because
        the ftp server at ftp.honlap.net doasn't run).

    I have now installed suse linux 6.3 on the pc.
    And when i have found the following files at "/proc/parport/0/"

    #cat autoprobe
    MODEL:Unknown device;
    MANUFACTUR:Unknown vendor;

    #cat devices

    #cat hardware
    base:    0x378
    irq:     none
    dma:     none
    modes:   SPP, PS2, EPP

    #cat irq

    My last question is where could i find a list of the options and ther
    meanings of the parport, paride, friq, pcd, .... modules.

    I hope you can help me now and please write back.

    Stefan Riha

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