Re: [PARPORT] Newbie with need of ppscsi

From: Dr. David Alan Gilbert (
Date: Sun Jun 09 2002 - 13:23:49 EDT

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    * Harry G ( wrote:
    > I am real new th this area, and have been using linux for about a year.

    Welcome aboard.

    > I have a HP Scanjet 5100c parport scanner, and I understand I need ppscsi.

    You do; I have it working - but it has been touchy for me.

    > 1. Where do I get it (preferably an rpm version)

    I'm not sure about an RPM; I seem to remember the older SuSEs had them
    in; not sure about the newer ones.

    > 2. What are the proper procedures to get my scanner up and running?

    1) Sacrifice a small chicken.
    2) Get kernel source, and the ppSCSI patch, apply patch, rebuild kernel
    (remembering to have the Scsi-generic and appropriate ppSCSI driver
    enabled (I think it is the epst driver the HP needs). Install.
    3) Load the scsi, scsi-generic, and epst modules.
    4) Run the SANE package - it should be able to find the scanner and

    So, if you can find a kernel RPM/set of modules that is already
    available then you are a lot better off. Check to see if the SuSE set
    comes with the epst.o module (I think thats the name).

    The debian kernel patch can be found at:

    > I am using suse 8.0, by the way.

    As I say, the best bet is to see if that already has it patched in and

    Note: I have had some problems with odd noises coming from the scanner
    when I've selected lower resolutions - you have been warned!

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