Re: [PARPORT] CF reader with Shuttle/SMC EP1284-01

From: Moritz Barsnick (
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 04:26:19 EDT

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    Hi again,

    I haven't got any reply from the list yet to my CF problems, but I am
    making progress, and wanted to report things. Perhaps you can help me
    continue from here.

    On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 15:45:25 +0200, Moritz Barsnick wrote:

    > I have (access to) a Compact Flash card reader. It is named DataFab
    > MDCFE-SR ( ), is
    > connected via the parallel port (wouldn't you have guessed), and hosts
    > a chipset SMC/Shuttle EP1284-01.

    I have found a little something on the Linux Kernel Mailing List:

    This posting/email hints me to boot Wind*ws once first. This must be
    the magic Grant was looking for! ;->>> (BTW, there _is_ a DOS driver
    available.) Indeed, tried it this morning, and things got better!

    After booting Win, and then Linux, I did the following as root:

    # modprobe paride
    # cd /lib/modules/2.4.19-rc1-ac2-8/
    # for prot in `ls | grep -v paride | grep -v "pd\.o" | grep -v "pf\.o" \
      | cut -d. -f1`; do insmod $prot; done
    # # (so I insmoded all available protocol modules)
    # insmod pd verbose=1

    I've extracted the relevant part of the dmesg output as an attachment
    to this email.

    Interestingly, in line 21, my parport0 does not seem to have EPP? That
    must be wrong. (Perhaps because of the attached printer.)

    I also had written:
    > (I do believe EPAT or EPIA would be correct, either way.)

    That is obviously confirmed, EPAT it is.

    The disk is correctly identified (via ATA?) as a 20MB SanDisk. (Why
    does it say "S_u_nDisk"?)

    Yet, starting in line 69, it seems not to be able to access the disk. I
    assumed it wouldn't find a partition (mtools will help), but it doesn't
    find any data at all. (/dev/pda does exist, thanks to RedHat.)

    Or does "unable to read partition table" (shouldn't the module say that
    this message comes from it? or is it the generic partition table
    scanner?) mean I should be pointing some more configuration at "insmod

    Well, /dev/pda seems totally bogged:

    # cat /dev/pda >/dev/null
    cat: /dev/pda: Input/output error


    Any hints here?

    Thanks again,

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