[PARPORT] make.rules

From: andres javier garcia garcia (andresjavier.garcia@wanadoo.es)
Date: Mon Jul 22 2002 - 15:12:29 EDT

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    I've compiled an aditional module in a computer with no problem. After that,
    I've tried to do the same in other computer but the process fails.
    I've realized that in the make.rules files thre is the following:
    FC =
    While in the computer in which the compiling has gone right, this same
    variable is
    FC = g77
    I've tried to add this by hand (and several other things), but, when I
    compile, the variable is erasen again.
    I've checked that the fortran compiler is correctly installed and works.
    So, the only thing that I can imagine is that these variables are originally
    read in other part.
    Am I right?
    Please, help. How can I solve this?
    I've tried everything that I can imagine, but my knowledge is limited.
    Javier Garcia

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