[PARPORT] libieee1284 and ieee1284_*_read_data not working

From: Mike Panetta (ahuitzot@mindspring.com)
Date: Mon Aug 26 2002 - 16:58:29 EDT

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    I am trying to set up a simple user space program to do IO using the
    parallel port to an FPGA that will have some stuff in it that does
    "random" things, and I am running into a problem. I am not sure if its
    just me not understanding the library or the parallel port, or what, but
    I cant get any of the read commands to return anything. I have hooked a
    scope up to the lines, and I can see my writes go out, and I can see the
    ctrl lines twiddle when I try to read, but the read function always
    returns like it read 0 bytes. I am trying to use EPP mode, because
    eventually I would like to be able to write out addresses, as well as
    data, but it does not seem to work. I have tried using both the epp and
    ecp functions to read the data with no success. I have read the list
    archives and I have found noone having a similar problem, so I am
    assuming that I just did something stupid...

    Can someone point me to some example code that reads and writes from the
    parallel port using the ieee1284 lib, for just IO?


    PS: I am not on the list so please reply directly, or CC me on the

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