Re: [PARPORT] PCMCIA Adapter + Backpack CD-ROM

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Wed Nov 06 2002 - 16:30:43 EST

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    On Wed, 2002-11-06 at 20:52, Robert Heller wrote:
    > You just pull out the hard drive from the laptop, mount it on the
    > adapter plate, unhook your desktop's hard drive and connect your adapted
    > laptop drive. Perform the usual install. You might need to fudge
    > things WRT the X server in a post install phase later (after
    > re-installing the laptop's hard drive. You may want to
    > force the install to install extra X11 server RPMs (or whatever).

    You can also get 2Gbyte type II PCMCIA hard disk very cheaply now

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