Re: [PARPORT] PCMCIA Adapter + Backpack CD-ROM

From: Joerg Schilling (
Date: Thu Nov 07 2002 - 08:03:12 EST

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    >From: "Stuart Powell" <>

    >I have spent a great deal of time recently trying to install SuSE onto
    >a colleague's aging laptop. The main sticking point has been that the
    >only CD-ROM drive for the laptop is a Backpack CD-ROM with a PCMCIA
    >parallel port adapter. We can't use the built-in port as the floppy
    >drive uses that and we need that hooked up to boot from.

    >After many trials and tribulations, I finally did an NFS install of the
    >OS, but the Backpack CD resolutely fails to work. I am able to insmod
    >paride and bpck, but pcd fails to load. I suspect it is only looking
    >for the CD drive on the built-in port, and not on the PCMCIA one.

    >I tried loading the modules with the IO address of the PCMCIA card
    >(gleaned from W2K on the same machine), but this seems to make little

    >Can anyone help me get this drive working ? We currently have SuSE 8.1
    >Pro installed.

    I have no idea why you cannot use the drive at all.

    I have 2 such drives, one CD burner from FreeCom and one from Sony.
    The only problem with Linux is that you usually get a linux kernel panic
    if you try to set up ide-scsi for this drive....

    cdrecord dev=ATAPI -scanbus works (using a different SCSI transport call)

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